museet, n.

Seen: Written in a perfectly apt updated Brush Script on the side of the Moderna Museet, Stockholm’s Museum of Modern Art. Today was our technical first day of classes, beginning with a telecom academic orientation at KMH, and then splitting into our respective Core Courses to go on our first official Field Studies. I’m in… Continue reading museet, n.

buss, n.

Seen: On signs for bus stops, on the busses themselves, in the (greatly helpful) SL app — everywhere. Today was Day 1 of a sort of “Welcome Week” at DIS — we met at KMH, chatted a bit together, and had a lovely introductory program before splitting into groups to tour the facilities and gather… Continue reading buss, n.

påfylla, n.

Heard: Or, more aptly, told to me in post-dinner, mid-äppelkaka conversation. It means a coffee refill, and apparently it’s a super important word to know (as I am beginning to figure out on my own — I’ve had a lot of coffee these past 2 days, and I’m not particularly upset about it). Today was… Continue reading påfylla, n.

tack, phr. and n.

Heard: In an airport lounge area, soon after the post-arrival check-in with DIS, while waiting for my host family to arrive. Myself and one (wonderfully friendly) DIS peer began a conversation with a sweet Canadian college student who was preparing to go to her own, different Swedish abroad program for the semester. She said “tack”… Continue reading tack, phr. and n.

away, adv.

Heard: In direct text conversation with my mother. “You need to make a list of all the things we need to do before you go away.” Also, read: In a full-page magazine ad for RVs – all the wonderful adventures you’ll have while “away.” “Away” means an awful lot to me at the moment, as… Continue reading away, adv.