museet, n.

Seen: Written in a perfectly apt updated Brush Script on the side of the Moderna Museet, Stockholm’s Museum of Modern Art.

Today was our technical first day of classes, beginning with a telecom academic orientation at KMH, and then splitting into our respective Core Courses to go on our first official Field Studies. I’m in the Imagining the Other in European Literature course — actual in-class classes start tomorrow morning, and having this Field Study before the beginning of formal classwork was a wonderful way to introduce ourselves to the peers who we’ll likely be spending a significant amount of time with for the remainder of the semester.

My Imagining the Other group is quite small — there are only 7 students taking this Core Course. I’m an English major, as I’ve said before, but only 2 other students in my Core also major in English — there are 2 government/political science majors, 1 philosophy major, and one history major in my class as well. My home university’s literature courses tend to attract only other English majors, and having these diverse backgrounds at DIS will allow our class to discuss literature with broader perspectives than those I am typically limited to.

More on that tomorrow, probably!

After having some fika and lounging outside the museum a bit, my class and I returned to DIS — and then I decided to take a nice walk, which turned into a 12-mile walk — at least 5 had to have been the same 4 blocks I circled over and over again. But I’m beginning to feel the city now, and I really, really feel incredibly comfortable here. The transit is easier than any other system I have used before — the train stations’ long Swedish names are so stunning that they often only take one trip to memorize. And I feel safe! Never have I, a 20-year-old girl, felt safer walking 12 miles alone. My feet may hurt, but it was worth adding to the inventory of all the many things that beautiful Stockholm has to offer —

including many more lovely museets.

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