påfylla, n.

Heard: Or, more aptly, told to me in post-dinner, mid-äppelkaka conversation. It means a coffee refill, and apparently it’s a super important word to know (as I am beginning to figure out on my own — I’ve had a lot of coffee these past 2 days, and I’m not particularly upset about it).

Today was another nice day — I woke up a bit after noon (hello, jet lag!), so the day had a later start than I would have hoped, but hey, it happens. My host family told me how to navigate the city, how to take the bus, how to act on the bus and how to transfer to the subway — we took a quick drive down to KMH so I could see where I’m heading tomorrow morning (!).

I’m looking forward to meeting my peers tomorrow and learning a bit more about my academic and overall life at DIS, no matter how early I have to wake up to be there, and no matter how many påfylla I need to get me well awake.

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